Aloise Corbaz

I’m a secret-scriber: here is my attempt to convey dreamspace.

Moments, memory, nature, color, shape, time; these are the catalysts.

I believe in Dada and Imaginary Beings. I try to let the writing write.

Here I try to publish 15 – 150 words a day: poetry, prose, rough drafts.


To practice writing during my MFA program, I started this blog in 2010.  It is named after a page in Tom Phillips’ novel  A Humument: the journal of secret-scribing and hiding.  My attempt  to write 15 – 150 words a day: poetry, prose; rough drafts was mostly successful in the blog’s early days, but sadly has tapered off as time has passed.  I have managed to put some of my early work to good use, however, in that I’ve published two books and several essays and short fictions.

More of my writing can be found by clicking on the work pageThanks for reading!