Aloise Corbaz

I’m a secret-scriber: here is my attempt to convey dreamspace.

Moments, memory, nature, color, shape, time; these are the catalysts.

I believe in Dada and Imaginary Beings. I try to let the writing write.

Here I try to publish 15 – 150 words a day: poetry, prose, rough drafts.


To practice writing during my MFA program, I started this blog in 2010.  It is named after a page in Tom Phillips’ novel  A Humument: the journal of secret-scribing and hiding.  My attempt  to write 15 – 150 words a day: poetry, prose; rough drafts was mostly achieved in the blog’s early days, but tapered off as time passed.  I managed to put some of my early work to good use, however, since I’ve published two books and several essays and short fictions.

What I’m posting *now* tends to be at intermittent and irregular intervals.

More writing can be found by clicking on the work page, or visit Carla M Wilson.

Thanks for reading! 

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