pumping gas

pumping gas
I’m thinking
this is unbelievable
I’m hearing
about it on the news
a minute before
so when I get there
I’m part of it
the gas thing
not removed
not an outsider:
an insider, part of
the people, part of
subjected to all
this and no matter
what delusions we have
like buying special teas
or making lentil stew
from the organic market
it’s still the state it’s
still California, still
the place I very much
wanted to return to
when once left
as a child the dusky sunsets
and jasmine air the silhouettes
of palms and evening walks
and all of it the smells the
beach the grainy sidewalks
beneath bare feet turned
cold, blackened,
smoke-stained, like the
industrial revolution
and here we are
years later
without any real way
of getting our gas
properly pumped.


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