from my apartment window

After a break from writing because of my move, I decided to start again with a few haiku/senryu poems. I hand-wrote the series below quickly and am posting the poems here, with very few edits.

london fog
image by julie podstolski





sound of chimes–

the wind on my new street



making too much coffee–

alone in this new place




the sound of the hose across the street

then cars going by




waiting for rain–

the hustle and bustle of summer




my new apartment–

the hollow whistle of trains




one spot in the house

where the breeze is coldest




new upstairs apartment–

the trees taking time

to unfold their secrets




jacaranda trees like Amazon ferns–

sitting high above them

at the corner window




I prefer the sun stay

behind the clouds

this morning




extra bananas and

food you’ll never eat

in the refrigerator




at the corner upstairs window

the keeper of secrets

watcher of trees




dogs go by, walking their owners




watching from above–

his baldspot




she sounds cheerful

but her face looks concerned




men on bikes ride by

bullshitting each other




the church bell ringing

only on Sundays




today I’ll make time to write

to quell this loneliness



family photos keep coming and coming–

these are of no comfort




saving the extra coffee

for you for later




after moving–

all my books out of order




new favorite spot by the window–

a view of trees and a nice cool breeze




in my new apartment—

your reminder that I should keep writing

nagging me




some of your laundry

still in my basket




finally writing something

I cry a little




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