Exciting and New

My good friends at Black Scat Books (New Urge Editions) have just come out with two new exciting titles by Catherine D’Avis worth checking out:

Erotic Tales
Erotic Tales

Erotic Tales is a collection of twelve erotic short stories by the author of the controversial novel ANGEL OF EVERYTHING. Set in a variety of exotic locations, including Amsterdam, London, Paris and Berlin, these stores are “Not only a great escape but a sensual and seductive literary experience.”— Melissa Hemmings, Between the Lines. This edition includes an exclusive interview with Catherine D’Avis.

Catherine D'Avis
Catherine D’Avis

Angel of Everything, Kindle Edition – Set along a stormy coastline in France we meet the sexy and compelling characters whose lives become intertwined in a series of erotic and passionate exchanges. The voyeuristic glimpses into a world of ecstatic sensuality contrasted with moments of tender melancholy are deeply satisfying distractions, reminiscent of Marguerite Duras.


About the Author


Catherine D’Avis was born in Paris to French parents but grew up in the South-West of England. She studied dance at the Boston Conservatory and worked in an art gallery in New York for several years. She now lives in a quiet suburb of Paris with her artist husband and their three cats. She spends her days teaching dance classes, working with ceramics and writing fiction.


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