Happy New Year! (and publication news)

Wishing everyone health, happiness, peace and inspiration in 2016! As my sparse blog posting record may show, 2015 was a year of many changes – a continuation of changes that began in 2013, in both my personal and professional life.  The good news is, I hope to begin writing regularly again in 2016.  To recap writing-related news of this past year, my first book, Impossible Conversations was published in August by Black Scat Books, other work appeared in Black Scat Review #13 and the Eighth Madness Anthology (see my work page for all links), and I was interviewed by artist Dia Bassett for her Women In the Arts series in June.  In March, I was asked to read some of my work at the &Now conference at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California, along with “Friends of JEF” (Journal of Experimental Fiction).  Other writers included Eckhard Gerdes, Tantra Bensko, and Xeňa Stanislavovna Semjonová. It was my first reading at a conference, and quite an experience! The latest bit of publications news is that I conducted an interview with American Book Review‘s editor Jeffrey DiLeo, concerning his latest book, Turning the Page: Book Culture in the Digital Age – Essays, Reflections, Interventions.  The dialogue with DiLeo appears at Sleipnir Literary Journal, here. Here’s to a prosperous, peaceful and creative new year for all.  Thanks to everyone for reading! – Carla M. Wilson

M. Snestrup (Danish)
M. Snestrup (Danish)


  1. Oh no, I snuck that in there! it’s a long story, but I’m not at my best in that video – I was really tired, had too much wine, and couldn’t seem to get the words out! Plus, I was about 20lbs heavier then! I never liked it, but am resigned to let it be now…:-)

  2. Plus, the book wasn’t finished, so I didn’t have that perspective yet! Thanks for checking it out…I’ve also since added my appearance reading at the &Now 2015 conference, which makes up for the bad video, I hope! 😉

  3. Well, I love it! And now I also ordered your book 🙂 I remember you told me about “interviewing” Yoko, and I just have to read it for myself.
    Best wishes!


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