Summer Reading

Get your British accent ready!  If you aren’t familiar with P.G. Wodehouse you’ll be glad  to have discovered him now.  My friends at Black Scat Books (my favorite publishers, too!) have forever been huge fans of the Blandings Castle as well as the Jeeves and Wooster series’ and in an homage to the books that have brought so much joy and laughter, have re-released A Damsel in Distress to start the summer off to a delightfully silly start.  Light, witty, and decidedly British!

We can’t think of a better way to kick off the summer than with the launch of this delightful comic novel by the great P. G. Wodehouse. Originally published in America in 1919, A Damsel in Distress is vintage Wodehouse—a whimsical romance filled with amusing twists and turns and a cast of memorable characters. The novel was adapted into […]

via Right ho! Let the games begin and the plot thicken! —



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