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Some of my art and writing has appeared or is forthcoming here:

New Books in Film series podcast interview by Joel Tscherne, February 2018.  You can listen to his interview with me about my books here.

Curious Impossibilities: Ten Cinematic Riffs – September 2017

Journal of Experimental Fiction & Offbeat/Quirky Books   April 2017

Le Scat Noir #222 – digital painting: Untitled – April 2017

Le Scat Noir #222 Adriènne Aûvray and Félix Fénéon  – April 2017

Le Scat Noir #221Adriènne Aûvray and Félix Fénéon – March 2017

Le Scat Noir #219 The Eleventh Victim – January 2017

American Book Review, volume 38, number 1 – Review of Impossible Conversations by Eckhard Gerdes – Nov/Dec 2016

Chroma – Visual Arts exhibition featuring eleven UC San Diego artists. University of California, San Diego – November 2016.

Black Scat Review #16 – Flash fiction titled: Out of Time – October, 2016

Black Scat Review #15 – (Humorous essay, Geyser) – May, 2016

Pissiors, Bidets, Crappers & Thrones – Parody, Photography.  Black Scat Books, publisher.  Released May 2016 under the pseudonym Adrienne Auvray.

Journal of Experimental FictionSore Eel Cheese by The Flakxus Group –    January 2016

Sleipnir Literary Journal: Turning the Page: A Dialogue with Jeffrey DiLeo   – December 28, 2015

Black Scat Review #13 – (Interview with Madge Gill) – November 2015

The Eighth Madness: An Anthology Compiled by Dominic Ward –             Published by Dirt Heart Pharmacy Press – October 2015

Impossible Conversations: Imaginary Interviews with World Famous Artists –  Fiction collection published by Black Scat Books – August 2015

Gaslamp Illustration – (Collaboration with Norman Conquest) Black Scat Books –  Broadsides Series #4 – July/August 2015

Women in the Arts, San Diego – Carla M. Wilson – Video interview by sculptor/artist Dia Bassett – June, 2015

Black Scat Review #11 (Interview with Louise Bourgeois) – April, 2015

&Now 2015 conference reading at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California with “Friends of JEF” (Journal of Experimental Fiction). Other writers included Eckhard Gerdes, Tantra Bensko, and Xeňa Stanislavovna Semjonová. – March 27th, 2015

Talking Writing – Holiday issue 2014, December/January, 2014

Black Scat Review, #9-10 (Special Double issue) – November, 2014

Black Scat Review, #7 (Special Lit Noir issue) – May, 2014

Sleipnir Literary Journal, Volume #1 – April, 2014

Icebox – January 30, 2014 (haiku)

Fiction International, Issue #46: Real Time/Virtual – Fall/Winter 2013

Talking Writing – Featured Comment, June 2013

Black Scat Review, Volume #3 – Artist Dialogues, May 2013

Reading with Harold Jaffe and Shane Roschlein – SDSU Love Library April-May 2013

Poetry International Online – Review of Harold Jaffe’s Revolutionary Brain, April 2013

Reading with Harold Jaffe and Shane Roschlein, – Cal State San Marcos, March 2013

The Epistolarium, Volume #2 – forthcoming, Summer 2013

Pure Haiku – multiple,  May – June 2013

MFA Graduate Reading on behalf of Fiction International with Andy O’Clancy, Shane Roschlein, Ryan Forsythe, and Harold Jaffe, SDSU Scripps Cottage, May 2013

A Blackbird Sings, A Book of Short Poems, July 2012

A Handful of Stones –  micro poems, multiple issues, 2011 – 2012

Personhood – The Book, Summer 2012

Talking Writing – featured comment, January 2011

the leaves – personal blog from 20011 – 2014

Pity/Pitilessness – Collaborative Essay with m. benedict, April, 2011

cmw writing – personal blog from 2009 – 2012

IUOMA – Member, International Union of Mail Artists


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your work in the various genres I found available online. The daily haikus or small stones are very palatable. Thank you!


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